Roberts, M. B. V.

Biology : principles and processes / Michael Roberts, Michael Reiss, Grace Monger. - Nelson ed. - Surrey, England : Thomas Nelson & Sons, 1993. - Xii, 852 p. ; 28 cm.

Ch. 1. The nature of biology. - Pt. 1. Ecology and diversity of organisms. Ch. 2. Biomes to microhabitats. Ch. 3. Communities and ecosystems. Ch. 4. Pollution and conversation. Ch. 5. Populations and the niche concept. Ch. 6. Associations between species. Ch. 7. Systematics and taxonomy. Ch. 8. Classification of organisms. - Pt. II. Cells, organisation and basic life processes. Ch. 9. The chemicals of life. Ch. 10. The cell as a basic unit. Ch. 11. Tissues, organs and individuals. Ch. 12. Movement in and out of cells. Ch. 13. Cells and chemical reactions. Ch. 14. The release of energy. - Pt. III. Obtaining the essentials for life. Ch. Gaseous exchange. Ch. 16. Heterotrophic nutrition. Ch. 17. Autotrophic nutrition. Ch. 18. The principles of transport. Ch. 19. Transport in the mammal. Ch. 20. Transport in the flowering plant. - Pt. IV. Control of the internal environment. Ch. 21. The principles of homeostasis. Ch. 22. Excretion and water balance. Ch. 23. Temperature regulation. Ch. 24. Defence against disease. - Pt. V. Response and coordination. Ch. 25. Nervous communication. Ch. 26. Hormonal communication. Ch. 27. Reception of stimuli. Ch. 28. Muscles and other effectors. Ch. 29. Movement and locomotion. Ch. 30. Behaviour. - Pt. VI. Reproduction, growth and development. Ch. 31. Cell division and the cell cycle. Ch. 32. Patterns of reproduction. Ch. 33. Reproduction of the mammal. Ch. 34. Reproduction of the flowering plant. Ch. 35. Patterns of growth and development. Ch. 36. Control of growth. - Pt. VII. Genetics and evolution. Ch. 37. The principles of heredity. Ch. 38. Chromosomes and genes. Ch. 39. The nature of the gene. Ch. 40. Gene action. Ch. 41. Population genetics. Ch. 42. Evolution in evidence. Ch. 43. The mechanism of evolution. Ch. 44. Major steps in evolution. - Index. - Acknowledgements.

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