Warren, Carl S.

Accounting / Carl S. Warren, James M. Reeve, Philip E. Fess. - 19th ed. - Cincinnati, Ohio : South-Western College Pub., c1999. - xxiii, ca 1040 p. ; 28 cm.

Ch. 1. Introduction to accounting and busimess. Ch. 2. Analyzing transactions. Ch. 3. The matching concept and the adjusting process. Ch. 4. Completing the accounting cycle. Ch. 5. Accounting systems and internal controls. Ch. 6. Accounting for merchandising business. Ch. 7. Cash. Ch. 8. Receivables. Ch. 9. Inventories. Ch. 10. Fixed assets and intangible assets. Ch. 11. Current liabilities. Ch. 12. Corporations : organization, capital stock transactions, and dividends. Ch. 13. Corporations : income and taxes, stockholders' equity, and investment in stock. Ch. 14. Bonds payable and investment in bonds. Ch. 15. Statement of cash flows. Ch. 16. Financial statement analysis. Ch. 17. Introduction to managerial accounting and job order cost systems. Ch. 18. Process cost systems. Ch. 19.Cost behavior and cost-volume-profit analysis. Ch. 20. Budgeting. Ch. 21. Performance evaluation using variences from standard costs. Ch. 22. Performance evaluation for decentralized operations. Ch. 23. Differential analysis and product pricing. Ch. 24. Capital investment analysis. Appendixes. Glossary. Subject index. Company index. Index of web site addresses.

Accounting, by Warren, Reeve, and Fess, is designed to introduce accounting concepts in a practical and interesting way ... [It] focuses squarely on the business of business - how accounting contributes to effective management while emphasizing the most important accounting procedures - Back cover and Preliminary pages


Managerial accounting
Accounting--Computer programs

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